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Recognition by Govt of Pakistan (HEC) in Y category |Recognition by Govt of Pakistan (HEC) in Y category |Recognition by Govt of Pakistan (HEC) in Y category |Recognition by Govt of Pakistan (HEC) in Y category |

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Research Journal of Language and Literature (RJLL) aims to provide research findings and promote scholarship in English Language and Literature. An innovative approach towards research in English language as well as Literature is the special focus of the journal. The journal supports original and collaborative research from all parts of the world with the aim to develop a national and international community of researchers who believe in creating knowledge to improve quality and understanding of research practice in diverse contexts. Research Journal of Language and Literature (RJLL) is committed to provide expert and authoritative reviews and analyses of the most important developments across the rapidly expanding fields of English language and literature. It also provides a unique forum by inviting contributions from the foremost international experts, to examine new methodologies with the latest research.

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The research paper deals with the application of Palimpsestic approach on the major events and characters in Tehmima Anam’s Bengal Trilogy including A Golden Age (2007), The Good Muslim (2011) and The Bones of Grace (2016). In her Bengal trilogy, she presents this interplay of the past and the present and their haunting effect on the future. The three narrators of the trilogy belong to a Haque family and represent a normal Bengali family living in the crisis of 1971 where East Pakistan is about to be separated from West Pakistan after the 1970 elections.

Sohaira Khalid, Amna Cheema

Since the days of the ancients, Myth has occupied an important place in the society. It has had a sociological function and has served as a standard for what is perceived as the norm. Given its pre-conceived nature as a paradigm for proper human behaviour, it tends to be rather linear and thus, can be interpreted through quantifiable criteria. For this study, myth is interpreted through the laws of thermodynamics. The subject of scrutiny is W. B. Yeats’s The Only Jealousy of Emer, a play based upon the Ulster myth of the demi-god Irish hero Cuchulain. As the play is rooted in a famous mythological narrative, it serves as a microcosm that offers a thermodynamic reading.


The domination of the West over the entire World’s politics and illusion of freedom, created by European powers, given to the third world nations needs to be resisted. This article highlights the narrative of the refugees that are produced as a result of global conflict over power struggle. It is a contrapuntal analysis of modern day global slavery by emphasizing upon the representations of various attitudes towards it from the perspective of both civilizations in the context of refugee migration against the dominant discourse. The dislocations and influx of migrants in the current era are the results of colonization and imperialism of modern times in terms of cold war and civil chaos. The novels of Hamid (Exit West) and Hanif (Red Birds) provide the voices to those humans who have lost their homes and families in wars and genocide.


The research deals with the application of Homi K Bhabha`s concept of cultural translation on the selected tales of Arabian Nights. The process of cross-cultural translations helped in the transformation of tales and contributed to its thematic density. The perception of different translators, readers, and audiences of tales played an important role in this transformation and coined an eminent place in world literature. There are multiple versions of the Arabian Nights throughout the world but no single author or continent can claim absolute authority over a


Various dimensions of subalternity and subordination are studied by focusing on the experience of distinct subaltern groups. The most prominent of these social groups are women. Recently, a lot of studies are trying to depict the male experience of subalternity. This study, however, tries to gauge the experience of children in a setup where power is used and abused and strict social hierarchies might be observed. Hosseini’s novel presents an epic struggle between the hegemonic group and the subaltern group. Ferrante’s characters too struggle with the idea of power struggle. Children in both novels, Ferrante’s M


This research attempts to analyze Red Clocks with a perception of taking Body as a narrative because the description of characters in the novel is pre-dominantly physical in nature. The female perspective in the novel maps the intersection of female characters, their personal lives with nature along with politics of United States of America. I have explored gender roles and how gender politics act on the consciousness of the characters. It triggers the initiation of characters into the world of experience where society becomes sensitive over the woman’s physical autonomy


The main aim of this study is to investigate how memes have manipulated the ideologies and beliefs of political parties on social media in Pakistan. The data has been collected from social media platform i.e. WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter to accomplish the purpose of this study. Data is analyzed on the basis of Fairclough model. Qualitative paradigm is used to interpret data. Findings of this research suggest that every common man has used this platform to manipulate the ideologies of political parties.

H. M. Zahid Iqbal, Sana Akram

Transaction from a play to a screenplay is indeed, more an exercise of critical insight than just pulling dialogues from the pages of a book. In any comparative study between a play and its filmic adaptation, it becomes essential to address the question: what is left out, added, and altered in the film and why? The objective of the study is to investigate that to what extent Gulzar’s Angoor – a cinematic adaptation of Shakespeare’s the Comedy of Errors has been indigenized or indianised, keeping in view the transcultural audiences.

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Recognition by Govt of Pakistan (HEC) in Y category

Recognition by Govt of Pakistan (HEC) in Y category

Recognition by Govt of Pakistan (HEC) in Y category

Recognition by Govt of Pakistan (HEC) in Y category

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