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A seminar on Impacts of Corporal Punishment on Child’s Development was organized by the students of Social Work Department|

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Orhan Pamuk is a controversial writer whose works have often caused controversy at both home and abroad. While Pamuk’s brilliance as a writer has been contested by few, if any critics, his status as an enfant terrible of Turkish Literature is due to his ability to force the custodians of Turkey’s secular institutions to question if the identity crises the modern day republic is experiencing, is not due to the rigorous censorship of Turkey’s forgotten and forbidden Ottoman past? Pamuk’s novels, especially My Name is Red and The Black Book, explore the theme of subaltern identities and how certain identities while buried beneath the grand narrative of the secular Turkish Republic, reinforce their presence through various means.


This research titled “Effects of Anxiety on Students’ Behavior and Classroom Environment in ESL/EFL Classrooms” is an attempt to study the effects of foreign/second language anxiety on students’ behavior and classroom environment in ESL classes. A sample of 100 adult learners from four different universities and degree awarding institutions of Lahore was selected. Using questionnaires for the survey, it has been observed that students’ social behaviors with their peers and their responses towards their teachers tend to get changed as a result of being anxious in ESL classes.


This research aims to canvass the views about foreign language teaching methods from the students, which are used in their English language classrooms. The perceptions of the students regarding the teaching methodologies used in English oral communication skills classrooms are highlighted in a broader vision. The use of different foreign language teaching methodologies is discussed in detail with the addition of their results on the language learning abilities of the students. The English oral communication skills classrooms in the universities of Pakistan are also benefited from the standard teaching approaches, though the learning is not taking place as it should be.


Hanif Kureishi once claimed that everything that he writes is soaked in Englishness. This claim, however, does not necessarily preclude his awareness of the “other”. This article will explore the way this “Englishness” gets redefined in the works of this post-colonial writer. It will concentrate on the otherness of the other in an identifiable Englishness of the author, illustrating the characteristic “otherness” of the other as a member of the dominated out-group, whose identity is considered lacking and who is subjected to discrimination by the ingroup. Hybridity of Kureishi’s vision generates his stories and propels his characters to reinvent their identities, individually as well as nationally.


The study aimed to address the disparity between the status accorded to English language in Pakistan and the noticeably trivial outcomes from the traditional teaching practices. It intended to explore and present ways to improve teaching and enhance learning of English language, with a specific focus on writing skills. It ventured a pedagogical initiative, at a public sector university, by integrating Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL) into English Language Teaching (ELT). A self-designed CALL integrated ELT program was executed which incorporated two tools, Edmodo and Hot Potatoes. Interesting text based online quizzes and activities were created through free website of Hot Potatoes.


This essay aims to investigate the perspectives regarding vocabulary learning strategies of ESL (English as a second language) learners at Bachelor’s level in Public Sector Institutions in Lahore. ESL teachers’ beliefs, views and practices are also sought out to assess the effectiveness of VLSs in the process of enhancing L2 vocabulary. Based on the aims of present study, the mixed methods design of research with the integration of cross sectional survey method was adopted. Data was collected through the implementation of two questionnaires, both for teachers and language learners. One hundred ESL students and twenty ESL in service teachers participated in this study. Two separate questionnaires for teachers and students were employed to elicit required information. Oxford’s Strategy Inventory for Language Learning, SILL and Schmitt’s Taxonomy for Vocabulary Learning were modified and adopted as the main theoretical frameworks to develop instruments for this study.

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A seminar on Impacts of Corporal Punishment on Child’s Development was organized by the students of Social Work Department

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