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There has been a newfound interest in recent times in the research done in the third world countries with western academia manifesting genuine interest in counter point of views and alternative perspectives. This has led to much debate on the role of voice in literary and critical communities. On local level a growing number of academicians are in need of a platform where they can share their body of work and intellectually engage with the members of their community. Unfortunately till to date there has been a dearth of research journals especially in the field of literary research in Pakistan with the result that scholars have little body of work to look up to or engage with. It is high time that an academic and professional community devoted to meeting the information needs, research agendas and trends of the future is created. RJLL is not just relevant to our academic community in particular and to learned societies in general but can also fill the void which is created because of the absence of a professionally marketable venue for such body of work. It would provide an opportunity for our own academicians to engage with the international debates going on in the field of literature and language, extending or challenging existing arguments and above all making a niche for themselves in the 

international research community. RJLL seeks to share current research on contemporary literature with special emphasis on Post-modern, and post-colonial literature. We are interested in new perspectives and emerging voices and research that contribute to the existing body of literary theory. Research journal of Language and Literature (RJLL) also reviews recent research in key areas of the broad field of Applied Linguistics. This journal provides cutting-edge and timely articles on language learning and pedagogy, 

second or foreign language acquisition and psycholinguistics and addresses to researchers and educators interested in Applied Linguistics. 

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