Exploring Derivatization in Mrs Everything: A Novel by Jennifer Weiner


  • Aleena Hussain Aleena Hussain Kinnaird College For Women
  • Amna Khalil


derivatization, objectification, unconventional, subjectivity, mistreatment


Regardless of the time, women are still derivatized and objectified constantly. The concept of Derivatization presented by Ann J. Cahill was applied to the novel Mrs Everything: A Novel published in 2019 by Jennifer Weiner for the purpose of exploring how women are derivatized by others and society at large. After a critical analysis, it was concluded that the characters of Jo, Kim and Bethie were derivatised from those close to them. Jo was made to feel like a misfit by her mother due to her unconventional sexual orientation. Kim and Jo were derivatized by their husbands to be stay-at-home moms, which curbed their aspirations and individuality, although both women successfully resisted the mistreatment. Bethie experienced a weight loss complex and was badly derivatized by her college boyfriend. This research suggests the spread of awareness to change societal norms to eradicate the actions that allow derivatization and objectification so that womanly subjectivity and aspirations are allowed equal freedom.